Hire A Nanny

Quality First

We personally interview each of our nannies.

Whether you’re looking for live-out full-time childcare (and home management, too), a part-time nanny, or for just a super reliable, amazing human to watch your kids while you’re on Date Night, we have a roster of meticulously-screened, highly-recommended nannies who fit the bill.

How is our screening extraordinary? A booking with Nannies on Call means safety and reliability above all else. We personally interview all of our nannies – who are only considered for a meeting once our extensive pre-screening requirements have been met. We call each reference and perform an in depth personal reference check.

Pre-Screening Requirements

  • Proof of age—19+ years (18+ in Alberta)
  • In Person Interview
  • A clear Criminal Record Check
  • Current CPR and First Aid certification
  • Childcare resume with two years childcare experience (minimum)
  • Reference letters with direct contact information
  • Driving record
  • Photo identification
  • Legally authorized to work in Canada

Hire an On Call Nanny

Ready to delight your little ones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

When things come up, like date night, weekend getaways, work functions, heck, even yoga class (self care first, moms!), our nannies come through in the clutch—any time of day or night, seven days a week.

These aren’t 14-year-old high school students; they’re childcare professionals who’ve been interviewed personally and passed our rigorous pre screening requirements. So they’re certifiably amazing.

Booking is easy

Book your nanny online.

One of our booking agents will call you back, confirm your Extraordinary Nanny, and connect you with your nanny. She’ll also send you a background about your nanny—who she is, what her education is, and why she’s so darn Extraordinary!

If you’re in a panic, breathe easy and call us.

We’ll make childcare magic happen.

Book your nanny online Contact Us

Our Rates

Pick a plan that works for you…

Single Booking: $33 (0% savings) + on-call nanny rate of $19/hour (for up to 3 children) in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto.

On-call nanny rate of $17/hour (for up to 3 children) in Ottawa.

This is like the try-before-you-buy. If you’re a first time Nannies on Call family and don’t want to make a long term commitment just yet, this one-off price is for you!

Something Good: 6 bookings for $165 (17% savings per booking) + on-call nanny rate.

It’s like 6 nights for the price of five. If you go out every two months, this is for you.

Something Great: 10 bookings for $230 (31% savings per booking) + on-call nanny rate.

More time for you and more savings.

The Baroness: $525 Extraordinary Nanny Plan + on-call nanny rate.

Get up to 5 bookings per month for one annual fee.


We like to go the extra mile to make your life a breeze. Here are some extras you can add on…


  • Additional children from your family
  • Extra hours past midnight
  • Statutory & national holidays


  • Additional children from a different family


  • Every hour over 8 hours = time and a half
  • Every hour over 10 hours = double time

Double Rates

  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Eve

Hire a Placement Nanny

Over 26,000 families connected with warm and loving nannies

Our full-time and part-time live-out nannies are meticulously screened, have extensive childcare experience, and are straight-up extraordinary! 95% of our nannies stay with the families that hire them for more than one year.

If you’re looking for a full-time nanny book a consultation with one of our Placement Managers to find out if Nannies on Call is a good fit for your family.

Or call to talk to one of our Placement Managers: 877-214-2828

We’ll talk about your unique family needs and make sure we have the right Extraordinary Nanny to fit your family just right!

After we chat, fill out our online questionnaire to start the placement process, which usually takes between 4-8 weeks to complete.

Extraordinary Placement Process

Hiring a full-time or part-time nanny is like adopting a new family member—it’s a really big deal! This is someone your kids are going to see every day and likely fall in love with. It’s important that they’re amazing, trustworthy, caring, capable, and utterly and completely the most incredible. This is no small task. That’s why we take it on.

Step 1 – We pre-screen nannies

We only invite the best nannies with the most extensive childcare experience to the interview table. To be interviewed, potential nannies must provide:

  • A completed 6-page detailed application form
  • 2 to 5 childcare-related references
  • Proof of legal authorization to work in Canada (including photo ID)
  • A current First Aid/CPR Certificate or proof of registration in an upcoming class
  • A Clear Criminal Record Check
  • Driver’s License and Driving Record (if applicable)

We interview each potential nanny face to face (because anyone can look good on paper!). It’s important that we truly get to know our nannies as human beings. So we use this time to assess their values, personality, strengths and weaknesses.

We call a minimum of two references for each nanny we believe will uphold our Extraordinary standards. Without exception.

Step 2 – Tell us what you need

Call us and tell us what your family needs. Then, fill out the Extraordinary Family Placement Questionnaire. We’ll call you within 24 hours to review, fill in any gaps, and start the hunt for your own Extraordinary Nanny.

Step 3 – Relax while we do the heavy lifting.

We contact our network of our pre-screened Extraordinary Nannies who fit your needs exactly. We tell them about you and your family. If they are excited to meet your family and we believe they’re a great match, we’ll send you their resume and a personal note penned by the Extraordinary Nanny. You tell us who you’d like to meet and we’ll coordinate the interviews. Meet as few or as many nannies as you’d like. It’s important to find “the one”.

Step 4 – Make it official.

You tell us who you want to hire and we’ll handle the negotiations, draft a contract, and coordinate revisions as necessary. Then celebrate!

The Extras


$399 (non-refundable) Launch fee payable once you fill in our application. This gets us started on the search.

Temporary Placement (defined as a placement with an unknown end date)

Agency Fee: $1,000 for the first month, $750 for each month thereafter. This fee will be charged automatically each month. If you no longer require a nanny, please cancel prior to the next month’s billing to avoid being charged.

Permanent Placement (a placement lasting more than 16 weeks) 14% of the nanny’s annual gross salary with minimum fees of $3,000.

***Please call for our special Ottawa rates.

For all Permanent Full Time Placements, we include:

Payroll services. So all you have to do on payday is print and pay.

For Permanent Full Time Placement contracts 12 months or longer.

On-call nanny service. If your full-time, part-time, or temporary nanny calls in sick or is on vacation, an on-call nanny is just one phone call away.

Our Replacement Policy

Although we have a track record for great matches, not all nannies and families click. If your Extraordinary Permanent Nanny resigns or is terminated within 90 days we will replace the nanny for free. If your Extraordinary Temporary Nanny resigns or is terminated within 30 days we will replace the nanny for free.

We do not offer refunds.

Group Bookings

Hosting a big event—a gala, a wedding, a family reunion?

Hire any number of our Extraordinary Nannies to entertain the kids on-site.

Call 877-214-2828 or email Silvana at silvana@nanniesoncall.com.