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The Nanny Solution is dedicated to providing families with trustworthy, high-end childcare that is tailored to fit their unique needs and lifestyle.

We have the most rigorous screening process in the industry—with only 10% of applicants making it through to Round 2. As a result, the Nannies are widely adored and we have a success rate of 98%.

Nannies who are hired have impressive skill sets, up to date certifications, and varying personalities.

The Nannies we recruit are educated, engaging, and adaptable. You tell us your situation, and we find you your personalized Nanny Solution.

All of the Nannies have:

  • Clear criminal record checks
  • Valid First Aid and CPR certification
  • A minimum of 2 years child care experience
  • Verified references


When working mom-of-two, Michelle Kelsey, started Nannies on Call in 2001, it was out of necessity — she couldn’t find trustworthy, high-end childcare for her daughters and it was impacting her life in a negative way. So, she created what she had longed for — a professional, easy-to-use, reliable nanny service. Since then, Nannies on Call has connected over 26,000 families with exceptional Nannies and placed over 1,800 Nannies.

In 2021, twenty years later, Nannies on Call has evolved to adapt to the ever-changing needs of both clients and Nannies. We recognize that there is an increased need for safe, health-conscious, reliable child care. At the same time, parents’ and Nannies’ roles have also changed — they have to be educators, as well as caregivers. While many families are familiar with our on call babysitting services, they may be unaware that we also offer full-time and part-time Nanny placements to fulfill their ongoing child care needs. Our Nannies on Call team assessed the situation and saw an opportunity to provide a solution — The Nanny Solution.

The Nanny Solution is made up of the same knowledgeable, experienced staff and offers the same high-quality Nannies on Call service. We recruit educated, engaging, and experienced Nannies, and offer families personalized childcare solutions to fit their unique lifestyles.

OUR Team

Michelle kelsey

Michelle kelsey

Michelle founded Nannies on Call back in 2001, when her daughters were just two and four years old. As a working mother, she was struggling to find reliable, high-end childcare for her own two children, and immediately saw a business opportunity. Michelle holds a Bachelor’s of History and was originally planning on being a teacher, but coming from a family of entrepreneurs, she also knew that starting her own business someday was inevitable. Twenty years later, Nannies on Call has grown to include The Nanny Solution, and continues to ensure parents have access to safe, flexible, and quality childcare. Michelle lives in Vancouver, BC and loves spending as much time outdoors as possible! She enjoys hiking, camping, and walking in the woods for hours, which is where she gets all of her new business ideas.

Michelle kelsey
Placement Manager

Gabrielle Zeitler

Having studied international development in university, Gabrielle has fostered a passion for complex social issues and developmental challenges that span across nations and cultures. Through this passion, Gabrielle has worked extensively in child care via jobs such as being a camp counselor, refugee mentor, youth advisor and a nanny for Nannies on Call. Due to her range of experiences, Gabrielle has seen and been part of the many sides of the child care world. This provided her with the tools and understanding to ensure that nannies are getting the most out of their careers. In her free time Gabrielle enjoys baking, crafts and spending time with her loved ones. Gabrielle does her best to maintain a warm and welcoming environment for those around her and is excited to recruit and work alongside staff who are as passionate about child care as she is!

Michelle kelsey
Nanny Recruiter

Dani Solomon

A dedicated professional with a passion for leveraging the principles of industrial and organizational psychology in the recruitment industry. Over the past 7 years, she has honed her skills in sourcing, assessing, and selecting top talent for various organizations. Outside of her professional endeavours, Dani enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also devotes her free time to fostering cats and assisting them in finding their forever homes. She believes in maintaining a healthy work-life balance to sustain her passion and enthusiasm in both personal and professional spheres.

Michelle kelsey
Nanny Recruitment Assistant

Chantel Odchigue

Chantel, a devoted mother of two, brings a hands-on approach to parenting, reflecting her deep appreciation for top-tier child care. Originally a licensed nurse in the Philippines, she transitioned her caring nature to the realm of Customer Service in 2011, where she has since cultivated a wealth of experience and finely honed skills. When she's not excelling in her professional pursuits, Chantel finds joy in cherishing moments with her family, whether it's bonding over a movie night, embarking on culinary adventures, or simply relishing quality time together. Her diverse interests extend beyond family, as she delights in indulging her passion for medical series, Korean dramas, and classic Disney films, all of which resonate with her youthful and spirited heart.

Michelle kelsey
Placements Assistant

Julie Maghuyop

With a degree in Political Science, Julie possesses an unwavering commitment to caring for others, with a particular focus on the well-being of children. Her passion for social issues, especially those involving children, was ignited during her undergraduate years when she volunteered in various social programs, advocating and providing support to children and youth in need. Her dedication to childcare is deeply rooted in her upbringing in a close-knit Filipino family, where she lovingly cared for her younger siblings and cousins while growing up. Outside of her professional pursuits, Julie immerses herself in the world of arts and literature. She also seeks solace beneath the waves through freediving and embarks on adventures to explore diverse cultures and history, enriching her multifaceted life with a profound sense of curiosity.

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