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Gas Reimbursement for 2023

Happy New Year! We hope the holiday season brought you joy and some time to rest. 

With each new year, change is inevitable. 

If you have a nanny that drives their own vehicle for work purposes or are a nanny that drives as part of your job, please note that the CRA has raised the government reimbursement rate. 

As of January 1st, 2023, the limit on the deduction of tax-exempt allowances paid by employers to employees who use their personal vehicle for business purposes in the provinces will increase by seven cents to 68 cents per kilometre for the first 5,000 kilometres driven, and to 62 cents for each additional kilometre.

It is important to track kilometres driven for work purposes and submit them to your employer at least once per month. There are some great apps available such as MileIQ, Everlance, Triplog or you can use a good old-fashioned notebook you store in your glovebox to track your kilometres.

Remember, that unless you have an agreement set up, it is the responsibility of the employee to get themselves to and from work and mileage shouldn’t be tracked unless you are driving for work purposes.

All the best for a safe and healthy 2023!

The Nanny Solution Team


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What should I buy my nanny employers as a gift?

The holiday season is in full swing and many nannies are curious as to what others do for their nanny families. Buying a separate gift for each member of the family can quickly add up.  Instead, consider buying for the kids only, or another idea is to buy one gift to give to the entire family.  Here are a few suggestions if you are looking for ideas.

  • A nice ornament
  • A family board game
  • Baking
  • A calendar with pictures of the children
  • A craft you made with the children
  • A free night of babysitting
  • A book of photos of your adventures with the kids
  • Experience gifts
  • A gift you made
  • Mugs with the children’s picture
  • Movie night basket
  • Donation to a charity in their name
  • Photo blanket
  • Movie tickets
  • Bowling gift certificate for family bowling night
  • Starbucks gift basket
  • A bottle of wine
  • A poinsettia
  • Chocolate

Also, don’t feel that you have to give a gift at all!  A nice card with a heartfelt note can mean so much.  It doesn’t have to be extravagant or cost a lot of money.  Remember, it’s the thought that counts! 


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8 Important Steps to Becoming a Professional Nanny

First impressions are a BIG deal, especially when it comes to your job or career. Whether you are sending a simple email or showing up on a client’s doorstep for the first time, it is extremely important to be aware of how you are presenting yourself. At The Nanny Solution we have some great tips for our nannies on how to make sure you are representing yourself and the agency in a professional and positive manner.

  • Make sure that your email address is professional! This is something a lot of people don’t put much thought into, but when you are sending a professional email and your email address is something like “fluffybutterflies01@….” do you really think that you will be taken seriously? A good rule of thumb to stick to is to use your full name as your email address.
  • Clean up your social media pages. In today’s digital world, people will Google search you! You don’t want an employer or professional contact being able to see directly into your personal life, so make sure your privacy settings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Are set strictly so that you can maintain your own personal privacy.
  • When sending a work related email, always make sure you have a greeting, use correct spelling and grammar and speak professionally. It makes a big difference to start your emails with a “Hello, I hope you are having a nice day so far” and using the person’s name you are contacting. Never use slang in a work related email and always remember to proof read your email before sending it. Sending an email with misspellings and grammar mistakes comes across as careless and unprofessional. Unsure? Read your email aloud before sending, make sure that is sounds professional.
  • Be on Time! At The Nanny Solution we always stress: Punctuality is key! Arriving late and frantic will make the wrong impression, being prepared and on time is a huge component of being taken seriously in the professional world. We cannot stress this enough!
  • Be Positive! Nobody likes a “Negative Nelly”, so be conscious of the things that you say. If you want to be treated with consideration and respect, it starts with you. Treat others with respect and you will be respected. Don’t bad mouth co-workers or bosses; it just ends up making you look bad. Remember the saying, “If you can’t say something nice, choose not to say anything at all.”
  • Honesty and Communication. Be honest, even if you made a mistake, it’s ok to admit it. People are much more likely to forgive and respect you for being honest than being deceitful. It shows character to admit when you were wrong and it helps to build trust. Figure out what your communication style is and practice! Are you shy and get nervous talking face to face? Acknowledge that about yourself and practice. Try talking in front of the mirror to get better at your speaking skills. And remember, it is ok to be honest and say “I am just a bit nervous.” Being honest and proactive is definitely professional.
  • Dress professionally. In the line of nanny work, it is important to be presentable and also comfortable. Your appearance is truly the first impression you make! When going for any interview, it’s usually a standard rule of thumb not to wear jeans or flip-flops. Dress in a way that says, “I’m here to impress you and show you that I am professional and take myself seriously”, people will respond and treat you in the same way that you view and present yourself. Want to be treated professionally? Dressing like a professional is a good place to start.
  • Keep conversations work appropriate. This is definitely an important area when it comes to being a nanny. Working in someone’s home is extremely personal! Maintaining a boundary of professionalism is key. Though you may form friendships with parents and bonds with the children, remember to always remain aware that this is your job and you are in fact in a place of business, so keep you conversations appropriate for the work place.

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How to be the best nanny for a family during divorce

Divorce has become such a widespread issue that it affects many families nowadays. As a nanny, this means that you may encounter families and children who are facing challenges that come about due to the impact of divorce.  As each family is different, each situation that is impacted by divorce will also present different obstacles and challenges.

For example, you might be employed by a family that is currently working through a divorce or you might be employed by a family that has already been a single-parent family for many years. Both situations are affected by divorce, but they will each present their own set of challenges. You may find that the parents work well together and that you will work with both parents, even though they have been separated for many years. The father and the mother may want the best for their children, which, to them, means keeping the same person for child care.

You may, however, find that the parents do not get along well and are pursuing a very nasty divorce. You were hired before they decided to separate and they both might want to continue to use your services, but that might put you in an uncomfortable situation, right in the middle of a nasty divorce.

Regardless of the possibly volatile and emotional situation at hand, it is vital that you keep in mind your first, and foremost, responsibility: to be a constant source of support and comfort in the children’s lives. You will also need to stay impartial and professional while dealing with the parents (your employers).

Amidst the confusion, anger and emotions, these three helpful tips will provide you a way to help handle your part of the equation and keep things as constant and stable as you can for the children.

1)     Establish a clear Employment Agreement –  If the divorce occurred prior to your start of work, but you realize that there are issues that need to be addressed, be sure that these issues are part of the Employment Agreement. If, for instance, the divorce occurs in the middle of your employment with the family, you may want to discuss which parent is the actual employer and how the expectations for you will change. You need to know if it is okay to contact the other parent in an emergency situation and if there is a problem with you working for both parents. Your nanny agency can help you with these negotiations if you are uncomfortable with talking to the parents about them.

2)     Maintain consistency –  You might be the only constant thing in the life of the children right now, so it is up to you to keep a consistent schedule for them and continue to keep clear expectations for them. While they are going through this time of turmoil and confusion, you may find that the children will resort to testing their limits and acting out, even a while after a divorce has been finalized, but they want expectations and they want you to set clear boundaries for them. They want their lives to be as consistent as possible and you will be doing them a big favor by standing your ground and being unswerving. Keep your time with them as stable, normal and secure as you can.

3)     Compassion – You can help the children by providing a listening ear for them, without passing judgment or taking sides. A little bit of compassion can go a long way with children; you can provide a safe place where they can talk about their feelings – something that they may not have anywhere else at this point in time. Let them know that they can come to you to talk anytime they want and you will not judge them or tell anyone else how they feel.

Divorce definitely presents many complicated situations and causes a plethora of emotions for the parents and the children. As the nanny, you can make a difference by being a neutral part of the equation and handling the children with compassion, love and understanding while they work through the confusion that they are facing. Of course, if you encounter any of these situations and want some advice, we are here to help.

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The Nanny Annual Review: What It Is & Why It’s Important


If your nanny has worked with you for more than a year, it’s time to seriously consider scheduling an annual review with them.

Over the course of the year, your nanny has had time to settle into her role and develop a routine to accomplish her responsibilities and meld into the daily schedule of the family.

Although they may feel like a part of the family by now, they’re still a professional who deserves to hear your input as their employer on how they’re performing their job.

1. Schedule the Annual Review

While some families choose to hold the annual review on their nanny’s anniversary, other families decide that the beginning of the year is a good time to schedule this conversation.

After the holidays, the excitement has worn down, and there’s a fresh new feeling that people get about the New Year. Resolutions are made, and people seem more open to new ideas, so it seems like a good time for many families for reviewing the past year and thinking about how to approach the New Year with their nanny.

2. Talk to Your Nanny Before the Meeting

Tell your nanny that you would like to reflect on the past year with them, and try not to make them feel like they’re in trouble.

Tell them that they can bring a list of their own thoughts about the past year, including what has worked and what hasn’t. They can also write down things they have struggled with and their possible ideas for solutions.

Also, be sure to let them know that if they have any ideas about moving forward in the future that could be useful, to write them down, too. Explain briefly that you feel like they deserve, as an employee, to have an annual review; this will help them understand that they are not being reviewed as a family member or friend.

3. Write Down Your Ideas

Before the meeting, you are going to want to write similar lists, too. This is a wonderful opportunity for you and your nanny to discuss her performance, starting with praise for their accomplishments and effort throughout the past year.

You can highlight some of the moments when their helping hand really made a positive impact on the family. This is also a great time for you to let your nanny know where you think they could make improvements or restructure their position.

4. The Review

Be sure to set aside enough time to discuss ideas at length and iron out any issues that you talk about with your nanny – at least an hour should be marked on your schedule. The review should be held at a time when the children are at school or not at liberty to be a distraction.

Start by saying something positive at the beginning of the review, and give your nanny the compliments that she deserves.

Then, progress to constructive criticism for the areas where you think they need to improve. Allow your nanny to provide her feedback about your concerns and discuss her concerns as well at this point in time. Air out all of the issues, even the little bitty issues, and iron the details out so that you can both approach the future with common goals.

This is also a good time to ask your nanny if they have any concerns or suggestions for the year ahead. How can things run more smoothly? Nannies can be super-creative – you may be surprised at their ideas.

5. Compensation for a Good Year

There are mixed feelings about attaching raises or changes to compensation packages to the annual review. Some families feel like their nanny shouldn’t expect to receive a raise at the annual review, while others feel like their nanny deserves one due to the rise in the cost of living. Only you can decide which is right for you and your nanny; you are not obligated to raise their salary.

Of course, if you feel like your nanny goes above and beyond for you and your family, and they would be irreplaceable, giving them a raise would be a great way to say “thank you”. If you want to thank your nanny in the form of compensation, but cannot squeeze another penny out of the budget at the time, you can add more vacation time to their package or offer a stipend for health care.

Establishing an annual review will set the stage for future reviews and your nanny will keep in the back of her mind that they are performing a job and want to look forward to positive and promising reviews in the future.

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Hiring a Nanny? How to legally pay a nanny in Canada

When you hire a nanny in Canada, you become their employer and that is a huge responsibility with a steep learning curve. Employees are dependent on their employers to be able to pay their bills and put food on the table for their family, as well as to have future pensions, E.I., apply for loans, etc. As such, it is crucial that you understand your responsibility as an employer. The information below is very general. Please refer to the Employment Standards in your province to get the most recent information.

Payslips, pay frequency, deductions

You must provide set pay periods, wage statements, and withhold and remit deductions to Revenue Canada. The most common pay periods bare every 2nd Friday, or the 15th and last day of the month). We recommend hiring a payroll company; they are the experts in the field and can save you a lot of time, stress, and money.

Vacation pay

Nannies accrue vacation pay and are entitled to paid time off. It does not matter if they are short-term or permanent, full-time or part-time.

Sick days

As an employer, you will absolutely have to deal with a sick nanny at some point. Try to be as understanding and accommodating as possible, and have a plan B for childcare in mind.

Statutory holidays

Nannies may or may not be entitled to have a paid day off on statutory holidays. This is dependent on the rules laid out by Employment Standards in your province.


Overtime rates may apply, dependent on your provincial employment rules. It may be a daily overtime rate or a weekly overtime rate.

Quitting or letting your nanny go

Employees can quit their job at any time. Giving notice is the norm but it is not a requirement. You, as the employer, can terminate the nanny’s employment; however, you must provide them with the required notice or pay in lieu of notice.

When employment ends

Regardless of whether the employee quit or is let go, the employer must pay their outstanding wages, including any outstanding vacation pay within a specific time period. No other deductions can be taken off the paycheque (i.e. you can’t deduct pay because too much vacation was taken). A record of employment (ROE) must be issued once employment has ended and filed with Service Canada. It must be issued within a specific number of days.

Tax statements

As the employer, you must issue the nanny a T4 slip before the tax deadline each year.

Employment Standards in each province have call centres and very informative websites.

Employment Standards of Ontario
Employment Standards of Alberta
Employment Standards of BC
Service Canada

The key points above are not simply recommendations. The Canada Revenue Agency requires you to hire your nanny as an employee. Paying under the table is illegal and hiring as a contractor is not permitted. We advise all families who are in the process of hiring a nanny to familiarize themselves with the Employment Standards in their province and have a thorough understanding of the responsibilities that come along with being an employer.

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How to become an Au Pair in Canada


If you are planning on working in Canada as a nanny from overseas it is important to understand the differences between applying as a Nanny or an Au Pair. Canada does not have an official Au Pair program. To work in Canada as an Au Pair or a Nanny you will need a working holiday visa.

What is a live out nanny?

  • Nannies have several years of experience.
  • Often this is the nanny’s chosen career.
  • Nannies often have certification such as teaching degrees, nursing degrees or Early Childhood Training certificates. 
  • Nannies goes to the family’s home each day and leaves at the end of the day.
  • Nannies are responsible for the children during a set weekly schedule. 
  • In Canada nannies are paid between $25 – 35+ per hour depending on experience and the job responsibilities. The rate will vary depending on which city in Canada you are working. 
  • Nannies must have a working holiday visa if they are not a citizen or permanent resident of Canada.


What is an au pair?

  • Au pairs usually have limited to no childcare experience.
  • Au pairs are often younger and looking for a cultural experience in exchange.
  • Au pairs live with the family.
  • Au pairs provide help with childcare and light housekeeping.
  • Au pairs gain cultural and childcare experience though the family.
  • Often au pairs are looking to learn another language while in the family’s home.
  • Au pairs are generally not looking for a career in childcare.
  • The au pair must have a working holiday visa.


Au pairs must earn the minimum wage for the province that they will be working in
Employers must follow Employment Standards Laws including but not limited to paying minimum wage, paying overtime, holidays, sick days and being paid legally. See the Federal Labour Standards for more information.

Although the jobs have many similarities, having two years of childcare experience, you will be compensated much better if you apply as a nanny in Canada. If you are interested in becoming a nanny in Canada apply with The Nanny Solution.

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Top 10 Reasons Nannies Should Use a Nanny Agency

Have you ever wondered why you should use a full service, professional nanny agency when you can easily find a job on your own? If you haven’t used an agency before the benefits might not be clear to you. Here are 10 reasons why finding a job through an agency might just land you the best nanny job you have ever had.

It’s free! 

Nanny agencies charge the families a fee to find them a nanny. There is no charge for nannies to find a job. In fact, it is illegal for agencies to charge someone to find a job. If anyone asks you to pay a fee to find a job you should find another agency to work with. 

Pre-screened families

If you have ever tried to find a job through an online site you know it is often like finding a needle in a haystack. The families who work with the agencies have been pre-screened and only those who are serious make the cut. Some of the families may be repeat clients and the agency will have the previous nanny’s feedback and tips on making the new placement successful. You won’t have to waste your time with families who want to pay minimum wage, pay you under the table or have you do heavy housekeeping, household management, and every other task under the sun.

Access to jobs that are not public

Agencies often have jobs that are not even posted online. These jobs are saved for the top nannies who are registered with the agency. They are usually with repeat clients who have top paying jobs and trust the agency to find them the most qualified nannies.

Fair wage

Are you tired of interviewing with families that you love only to find out that they are only offering to pay a fraction of the going rate?!  Discussing wage expectations and advocating for yourself can be tricky, even when you’ve found a family with whom you really connect.  Since agencies pre-screen their families, they make sure that the families are able to pay a competitive and fair wage. The agency also spends time educating the families about what is an acceptable rate for a professional, educated nanny and negotiating on your behalf.

Extended Medical and Dental Benefits

With The Nanny Solution parents can opt to purchase a benefit plan for health and dental benefits for the nanny they employ.  Coverage includes: Prescription Drugs, Hospital, Medical Equipment & Supplies, Travel Insurance, Dental Care & more. Plans range from $100-300 per month depending on the province and whether or not the nanny has dependents.


Agencies will provide you with after-interview feedback that is important to your professional development. How many times have you interviewed with a family and you just never hear back? That will never happen with a nanny agency as they are in constant contact with the families and will provide feedback if there were any issues at the interview.

Professional Presentation

Agencies make sure that your file is complete and professional before sending your documents to a family. This means the family is left with the best first impression.  Half the battle is just getting a family to interview you!

Best Nannies and Families

Professional agencies have a reputation for having the best nannies and families. When you work with an agency, families are trusting you based on the agency’s reputation for finding and placing great nannies. Agencies often have high end clients who don’t trust the internet to find them a professional nanny.


After getting placed in your fantastic position the agency is always there to help with any issues or questions that come up. Nannies often work alone without any co-workers and the support of agency staff is worth its weight in gold. Sometimes you just need somebody to lend an ear or to help get everyone back on the same page should any issues arise. 

Employment Standards and Revenue Canada 

The agency staff is extremely knowledgeable about your rights as an employee and will ensure that you are well protected and treated fairly.  Some agencies even offer a free payroll service to the families to ensure that the nannies’ deductions and pay calculations are correct. It is tough to advocate for yourself if you are not aware of the rules and your rights.  

A solid contract

Agencies have templates of contracts that have been tweaked numerous times over the years.  The contracts have been constructed to protect both parties from incidents that may have arisen in the past. Also, there are some practices that are standard in the nanny industry that may not be in other industries and these have been added to the contract as well. 

Nanny agencies have the nannies’ best interests in mind and they will treat you well.  Agencies are grateful and appreciative of nannies who do great work!   Do yourself a favour and call one today – they will be happy to hear from you!

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Extended Medical and Dental Benefits for Nannies!


The Nanny Solution is excited to announce a new partnership with Livelihood Payroll. At The Nanny Solution we pride ourselves on leading the industry with our standards in childcare. This partnership will allow us to attract the best nannies and have the most successful long term nanny placements by offering extended medical and dental benefits to nannies.

Recent studies show that offering health insurance is one of the most powerful factors to attract and retain key people. More than 90% of Canadian employers offer a Benefit Plan to supplement the Government health insurance coverage for employees.

The Livelihood Benefit Plan is available now to The Nanny Solution clients with caregivers working 20 or more hours per week, with premiums more than 25% lower than similar plans, and no lengthy health questionnaires required to apply.

Coverage includes:

Prescription Drugs, Hospital, Medical Equipment& Supplies, Travel Insurance, Dental Care & more.

Access to the Discount Marketplace – the largest employee discount program in the world – providing online shopping and helping employees save thousands of dollars on deals from top brands. Paid for monthly by employer, with no cost passed onto your caregiver.

We partnered with Livelihood with you and your household caregivers in mind. It is paid monthly for your employee with no cost passed onto them. The Livelihood Benefit Plan is comprehensive, cost effective, and protects and rewards Livelihood families and their household caregivers. Helping you and your caregivers worry less and live more.

To find out more contact us today!

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How to Get a Nanny Job with The Nanny Solution


The Nanny Solution is known for providing trust-worthy, high-end childcare. As such, we have the most rigorous screening process in the industry — with only 10% of applicants making it through to Round 2. If you are interested in applying for a nanny job and having a nanny interview through our agency, we highly recommend reviewing these useful tips to help you stand out from all the other qualified candidates. 

Read the job postings thoroughly

Before you apply for a position, be sure to read the job description thoroughly and make sure you have the specific skills and qualifications required for the position (e.g., driving, Early Childhood Education, etc.). The more information you provide, the better.

Be open to other positions

You may have your heart set on one specific job, but it is important to keep an open mind and pursue other opportunities as well. We receive numerous applications for each position, and each family is at different stages of the interview process, so your odds of being placed with a family increase if you are open to applying for multiple positions. You never know, your second or third choice may end up being the family you fall in love with!

Own your strengths and skills

What makes you exceptional? When applying for a Nanny position, it is important to be honest, but there’s no need to be modest. Let us know about all of your childcare experience, education, and other qualifications. What are your special skills? What are your passions? These are the things that will make you stand out against other candidates.

Write an outstanding résumé

Your résumé gives us our first glimpse into who you are as a professional Nanny. It helps us determine whether to consider you for the position and invite you to an interview or not. Please make sure your résumé is up to date and has all of your childcare experience listed, including the ages of the children you worked with, duties, and employment dates (please note that we recognize not only nannying, but also babysitting, volunteering, coaching, tutoring, teaching, etc., as all are relevant childcare experiences). You can also use this sample résumé for reference.

Make your social media accounts private

Being a professional Nanny means ensuring that your online social media presence is professional as well. As it is becoming increasingly common for families to Google their Nannies before their arrival, it is always a good idea to know ahead of time what is out there for them to find. Please take the time to make your social media accounts (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) private. You want families to consider you for the position based on your childcare abilities, not based on the party you attended or the swimsuit you wore last summer. 

Get your documents in order

After your interview with The Nanny Solution, if we are interested in working with you, you will be asked to provide additional information about yourself and your experience. Find our list of required documents HERE.

In preparation, take a moment to watch our video with 5 Tips for Your Nanny Video Interview. We also recommend that you take a look at our guide: 8 Tips for a Successful Video Interview.

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