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How to become an Au Pair in Canada


If you are planning on working in Canada as a nanny from overseas it is important to understand the differences between applying as a Nanny or an Au Pair. Canada does not have an official Au Pair program. To work in Canada as an Au Pair or a Nanny you will need a working holiday visa.

What is a live out nanny?

  • Nannies have several years of experience.
  • Often this is the nanny’s chosen career.
  • Nannies often have certification such as teaching degrees, nursing degrees or Early Childhood Training certificates. 
  • Nannies goes to the family’s home each day and leaves at the end of the day.
  • Nannies are responsible for the children during a set weekly schedule. 
  • In Canada nannies are paid between $25 – 35+ per hour depending on experience and the job responsibilities. The rate will vary depending on which city in Canada you are working. 
  • Nannies must have a working holiday visa if they are not a citizen or permanent resident of Canada.


What is an au pair?

  • Au pairs usually have limited to no childcare experience.
  • Au pairs are often younger and looking for a cultural experience in exchange.
  • Au pairs live with the family.
  • Au pairs provide help with childcare and light housekeeping.
  • Au pairs gain cultural and childcare experience though the family.
  • Often au pairs are looking to learn another language while in the family’s home.
  • Au pairs are generally not looking for a career in childcare.
  • The au pair must have a working holiday visa.


Au pairs must earn the minimum wage for the province that they will be working in
Employers must follow Employment Standards Laws including but not limited to paying minimum wage, paying overtime, holidays, sick days and being paid legally. See the Federal Labour Standards for more information.

Although the jobs have many similarities, having two years of childcare experience, you will be compensated much better if you apply as a nanny in Canada. If you are interested in becoming a nanny in Canada apply with The Nanny Solution.

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