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Our Placement Team has connected over 26,000 families with Nannies and placed over 1,800 different Nannies, 95% of whom stay with their placement families for longer than one year — this doesn’t just happen by accident! In our twenty years of experience in the industry, we have learned the secrets to keeping your Nanny happy and ensuring a successful, lasting placement. We want to help your family have the same wonderful experience, that’s why we’ve compiled a list of suggestions to help you navigate the working relationship with your Nanny and ensure that everyone is happy.


How to aid clarity and happiness in relationship with your Nanny:

  • Follow the contract. It’s really that simple — follow the contract and keep a copy on-hand to refer back to when needed.
  • Always pay your Nanny on the date that was agreed upon and the amount you had both agreed to.
  • Set clear guidelines. Be upfront about your expectations, boundaries, and preferred methods of communication.
  • Stay on schedule and always try to be on time. Your Nanny’s time is valuable — do not expect them to stay longer than their work hours, unless previously discussed and agreed to by both parties, or in case of an emergency.
  • Use a day planner to write down a schedule for the day, including the tasks that need to get done (e.g., the nap and feeding schedule, fold cloth diapers, prepare formula or a certain meal for the children, classes the children have scheduled, etc.). Leave space for your Nanny to write down what they did with the children, what the children ate, when they napped, and so on, as well.
  • Just as you would in any workplace, meet with your Nanny on a regular basis to review their performance, and to give and receive constructive feedback. Be sure to give your Nanny the opportunity to discuss anything that may be coming up for them or any questions they may have.
  • Start and end any discussion on a positive note. Try to approach all conversations in a non-confrontational tone, and be specific about any concerns you may have. It is important to be clear about roles and responsibilities, and to talk through important issues in a timely manner, before they become a source of tension or conflict.


Some questions to clarify with your Nanny at the beginning of the working relationship:

  • What are your rules around screen time for the children? Are they allowed to watch television, use the computer, handheld devices, etc.?
  • Is it okay for the Nanny to use the home computer?
  • What are your rules regarding cell phone use while the Nanny’s watching the children?
  • Do you want the Nanny to call or text to update you throughout the day?
  • What do you want your child to eat for meals and snacks? Are there foods that you do not want your child exposed to? What about sweets?
  • Do you want your child using a pacifier?
  • Are the children expected to help out with tidying up or chores around the house?
  • Do you discipline your children? If so, how (e.g., positive discipline, time-outs, etc.)?
  • Can the Nanny help your children with their homework?


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