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How much does a nanny cost in Toronto?


Quality nannies in Toronto are typically earning $25-35+ gross per hour.  This rate will depend on what qualifications and experience the nanny has and what the job entails. Do you require a lot of flexibility from the nanny?  Do you require the nanny to have any specific skills (ex. an educational background, driving, language skills, any specific training etc)?

On top of the nanny’s gross wage, the employer must factor in an additional fee to cover the employer’s portion of Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Employment Insurance (EI) and Workers Compensation.   This is roughly an additional 10%.

A few other expenses to keep in mind are:

  • overtime – if you hire a nanny for 44+ hours per week, the nanny is entitled to time and half.
  • a payroll company if you choose to hire one to take care of the payroll.  This is not a requirement but it’s a huge stress reliever!
  • an agency fee if you choose to use an agency to help you with the search.

The pandemic has really changed the nanny industry and the demand for in-home childcare has risen dramatically.  And, as in all industries, it is currently really hard to find quality employees with the labour shortage.  As such, the rates for the nannies have skyrocketed.  Our recommendation is to be prepared to pay a competitive rate, advertise with the top of your budget in mind and act quickly if you meet a nanny you like.

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