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How To Make Your Nanny’s First Day Perfect

Finding the perfect nanny is the first step, but ensuring that their first day goes smoothly is just as important. The first day can be nerve-wracking for both you and your nanny. 

Follow these essential tips to help ease the transition and set a positive tone for your working relationship.

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Preparation is Key

  1. Emergency Contact List: Start by organizing an emergency contact list. Include parents’ names, grandparents, neighbors, doctors, and any other relevant contacts with their phone numbers, addresses, and other essential information. Additionally, include medical information such as children’s allergies and specific instructions.
  2. Daily Routine Sheet: Prepare a daily routine sheet outlining your expectations. Include details about activities, school drop-offs, meal times, and any other daily tasks. This gives your nanny a clear framework to follow from day one.

House Tour and Safety Check

  1. Detailed House Tour: Even if you’ve given a brief tour during interviews, a thorough walkthrough on the first day is crucial. Show your nanny all areas of the house, specifying where children are allowed, where they aren’t, and any off-limit areas. Highlight safety features like baby gates, first aid kits, emergency exits, and how to use household devices such as baby monitors and strollers.

Detailed Description of Children’s Needs

  1. Children’s Schedule: Provide a detailed description of your children’s schedules, including nap times, meal times, and any special activities. Share any tips that make it easier for your children to nap or eat, and outline expectations for engaging activities.

Encourage Open Communication

  1. Set Communication Expectations: Decide on the best method of communication, whether it’s through calls, texts, or a specific app. Let your nanny know how quickly you can respond and set expectations for when and how they should contact you during the day.

Nanny Must-Haves

  1. Essential Supplies: Show your nanny where essential items are stored, such as diapers, wipes, bottles, and formula. Explain what to do if supplies run out and whether they should help themselves to snacks or bring their own food.

Introducing Your Nanny to Your Child

  1. Interaction Time: Spend some time together with your child and the nanny, allowing your child to feel comfortable and safe. This helps the nanny understand your child’s personality and cues by observing your interactions.

Plan for Downtime

  1. Downtime for the Nanny: Acknowledge that nannies need breaks, too. Plan for downtime during the child’s nap or independent playtime, allowing the nanny to rest and recharge.

Give Them Space

  1. Alone Time with the Child: To help the nanny and child bond, step out of the house for a bit. This gives the nanny confidence in their role and helps build a trusting relationship with your child.

Support Breastfeeding Preferences

  1. Breastfeeding Communication: If you’re breastfeeding, communicate your schedule and expectations clearly. Whether you work from home or will be pumping, let the nanny know when to expect you and how to accommodate breastfeeding times.

Provide Comfort and Trust

  1. Warm Welcome: Welcome your nanny warmly into your household. Avoid leaving them to figure things out alone on the first day. Show trust by sharing responsibilities like car seat use or handling expenses.

End of Day Feedback Session

  1. Feedback and Questions: At the end of the day, have a feedback session. Ask the nanny if they have any questions or if there’s anything they missed. Provide your feedback on how the day went and discuss any adjustments needed.

Remember, it takes time for a nanny to bond with your children and integrate into your family. The first day is just the beginning. With open communication, clear expectations, and mutual trust, your nanny’s first day can set the foundation for a successful and positive working relationship.

If you have any questions or need further advice, feel free to comment below. We’re here to help. Have a great day!

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