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In our previous post, It’s Time to Check In with the Nanny , we encouraged families to check in with Nannies and show their appreciation for their hard work and ongoing support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. With this in mind, we have put together some suggestions for how to show the Nanny that you appreciate them. When it comes to expressing gratitude, remember that a caregiver who feels valued and appreciated is more likely to stay with a family than one who does not.

Here are some ways and gift ideas to show appreciation for your nanny:

Say “thank you”

How do you let the Nanny know that you appreciate them without spending a dime? Tell them! It’s always nice to get verbal recognition for the work that you’re doing. Encourage your children and other family members to do the same too.


Giving the Nanny a thank you card is another easy way to express your gratitude and acknowledge their hard work. A homemade card, one signed by the whole family and/or decorated by the kids, is especially thoughtful.

Evaluate the Nanny’s benefits

Does the Nanny receive guaranteed pay and overtime? Are they entitled to paid sick days, time off, and/or holidays? What about health benefits? Are they reimbursed for work-related costs, such as cell phone use, car mileage, gas, etc.? Do you provide annual bonuses? These are some benefits to consider offering the Nanny if you don’t already have them in place.

Paid day off

Giving the Nanny an additional paid day off (separate from their usual paid vacation time) is another great way to show your appreciation. Bonus: you’ve already budgeted to pay for childcare that day, so it doesn’t really cost you extra.

Bonus pay

If you can afford to pay the Nanny a bonus, do it! Now more than ever, many Nannies are struggling to make ends meet financially (especially those who are only working part-time or have been laid off from their other jobs due to the pandemic), and any form of bonus pay is guaranteed to be appreciated.

Treat them to a day at the spa

Self-care is essential, but caregivers often have a hard time making their own self-care a priority. Treating the Nanny to a day at the spa is one way to say “thank you” while also promoting them to have some much needed rest and relaxation.

Gift cards

You can get the Nanny a gift card to one of their favourite stores, a local restaurant, or even to the spa. Gift cards are a great alternative to cash bonuses, as they encourage the Nanny to treat themselves to something they really want, but may not ever buy for themselves.

A special meal

Many restaurants are not offering dine-in service due to the pandemic, but you can still treat the Nanny to a special takeout meal of their choice. Many restaurants and food delivery services (such as UberEats, DoorDash, etc.) offer gift cards, so the Nanny can enjoy a delicious restaurant meal from the comfort of their own home.

Homemade gifts

Getting the children to make thank you gifts is another sweet, thoughtful way to show the Nanny how much your family appreciates them. Pinterest is a great place to find simple homemade gift and arts and crafts ideas.

Nanny vouchers

Another creative way to show your appreciation is by putting together a book of vouchers for the Nanny. Vouchers can include “Good for one paid day off”, “Leave one hour early”, “Takeout dinner of your choice”, and many others.

Gift baskets

Gift baskets are a classic way of saying “thank you”. Many places sell beautiful gift baskets with curated locally made products, gourmet foods, or a variety of other themed items. Choose something special that reflects the Nanny’s personal taste and/or specific interests.

Fresh flowers

Having fresh flowers delivered to your Nanny’s home is another thoughtful and unexpected way to show your appreciation. Most cities have floral delivery services, but leaving a bouquet of flowers out in your home with a card addressed to the Nanny is also a nice gesture.

Film a family “thank you” video

Filming a “thank you” video takes a little bit more effort and coordination, but it is an incredibly thoughtful way of letting the Nanny know just how much they mean to the entire family. It can make for a fun project for the family as well!

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