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Reasons your nanny resume is overlooked

We understand how frustrating it can be when you apply to a nanny position and your profile gets zero attention from potential employers.

But why does this happen? What are you doing wrong?

After analyzing thousands of nanny resumes, we have identified 5 common reasons why your nanny résumé may be getting overlooked:

Spelling and Grammar: It’s essential that your application and résumé are free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Proofread your application documents using full sentences, capitalization, commas, and periods to ensure that you come across as a true professional. Remember, you’ll be educating the family’s children, and they’ll want to hire someone who can express themselves in a proper and polished manner.

You Job Dates Don’t Add Up: Make sure that your job dates are correct and add up on your résumé. If there is any overlap in your work history, clarify it in your cover letter. Otherwise, it can look like you’re embellishing or even lying to potential employers

Too Little Information: Be specific about the tasks and responsibilities you have handled in your past childcare jobs. The more bullet points you have, the better. Employers want to clearly see how your past experience relates to the type of nanny they’re looking for.

Work Experience Not in Chronological Order: Make sure to list your childcare work experience on your résumé from the most recent job at the top to the oldest job at the bottom. The list should be in chronological order to make it easier for the family or agency to read.

No Proof of Young Infant/Baby Experience: If you say you have experience caring for young infants or babies, make sure it is on your résumé. Employers want proof that you have the experience you claim to have, whether it’s through courses, education, or previous experience in a daycare or nanny job.

By investing time in your professional résumé, you can show potential employers that you’re a serious, professional nanny who is committed to doing a good job. By avoiding the 5 common mistakes we’ve discussed, you can increase your chances of finding a job that you love.

Take a look at our Resources for Nannies page on our website where you can download a Résumé Template to help you get started in your nanny job search.

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