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Why a Teacher Can Make a Great Nanny Too


We often hear from parents they’re not sure about whether to hire an educator for a Nanny position or not. Many are concerned that a Teacher may not want to stay with a family long-term, or that they haven’t had enough experience dealing with the day-to-day routine of working in a close-knit home environment. The Nanny Solution advises families not to discount Teachers from their list of candidates. We believe that many Teachers would make exceptional Nannies, if provided with the opportunity. Here’s why…

Education matters

Since March 2020, parents have had to make countless difficult decisions regarding their children’s education. Some parents have decided to home-school their children, others have hired in-home educators, some have reluctantly sent their children back to school either full- or part-time, and more children than ever are having to attend school virtually. Having a Teacher as a Nanny is one way to ensure that your children are still getting the educational support and guidance they need, no matter where their schooling is taking place. Having a Nanny that can help with homework and tutoring takes some of that pressure off of the parents!

Large classroom vs. Family unit

The fact that many Teachers decide to continue working with children and commit to one individual family, rather than changing career fields altogether, is telling in itself. In some cases, Teachers wish to leave the large classroom environment and enter into an arrangement with one family, so they can work consistently with the same children as they grow and develop. While many teachers enjoy the classroom setting and working with larger groups of children, others would like to be part of a smaller, family-like environment, as they appreciate the bonding opportunities that being a Nanny can offer.


If you’re a parent looking for someone to bring more structure into your home, a Teacher could be a terrific addition to your family! They’ve already worked with multiple children in an environment where they were the only adult keeping everything under control, so creating a daily and weekly schedule for your kids should be no problem. Elementary-level Teachers most likely know plenty of arts and crafts, games, and physical activities to keep the children busy. Homework help shouldn’t be an issue either, when you have a Teacher as your Nanny.

One-on-one time

The home situation allows for more one-on-one time for the Teacher to help your children learn, as they will be caring for them on a daily basis, as opposed to helping multiple children in a busy classroom setting. They can spend more time helping kids learn how to tie their shoes, recite the alphabet, or solve math problems. They’re also able to give the children more one-on-one attention during outdoor playtime than they would be able to at a school.

Finally, The Nanny Solution believes that Teachers make great Nannies, and many Nannies would make great Teachers, because it really comes down to one thing: they have a passion for working with children! Contact us if you would like more information about hiring a Teacher. 

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