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The Cost of Hiring a Nanny

We have been swamped with families calling to try to figure out their childcare/educational options for the summer. In an effort to help families define exactly what they need we have created a breakdown of the different types of childcare and education along with their costs.

Traditional Nanny

Cost: Depending on the city, between $20-$30hr gross
Best for families with children who are too young for school or need additional care outside of school hours.

  • Main childcare provider in the home
  • In charge of the children’s health and well-being
  • Responsible for preparing children meals, tidying up after the children.
  • Actively engages the children daily in both indoor and outdoor play
  • May occasionally help out with homework
  • May help with additional household duties such as meal preparation, errands or laundry.

Education Minded/High End Nanny

Cost: $25-$35/hr (depending on location)

  • Main childcare provider in the home
  • In charge of the children’s health and well-being
  • Responsible for preparing children meals, tidying up after the children.
  • May have an ECE, Bachelor of Education or Masters of Education
  • Is passionate about education and learning
  • Actively creates a learning environment to positively influence the children’s minds
  • Incorporates learning into the children’s everyday activities.

Education Support Childcare

Cost: $25-35/hr (depending on location)

  • Best for families who are sending their children to school in person or online.
  • In addition to all the other traditional nanny duties:
  • Has an education background (assistant, aid, tutor or practicum experience)
  • Assists with homework and project completion for children in physical and/or online school settings.
  • In charge of managing the technology for the children’s online learning (websites, passwords, schedules, deadlines) if applicable.
  • Liaises with the children’s teachers regarding homework assignments, projects, tests, etc.

Private Educator

Costs: $35hr+ gross

  • Best for families who are choosing to pull their children from the traditional school and homeschool full time.
  • Hired for the specific purpose of teaching the family’s children in the home on a full-time basis:
  • Has specific teaching credentials (ECE, Bachelor of Education or Masters of Education)
  • Develops the grade curriculum and teaching plans for the school year in accordance to provincial education standards
  • Adapts lessons to your child’s needs
  • Responsible for purchasing all required support materials to support teaching and children learning (within a budget set by the family)
  • Responsible for all teaching, evaluating and progress reporting.

Nanny/House Manager

Cost: $28-$40/hr (depending on location)

  • Performs the same duties as a traditional Nanny, plus:
  • Administrative duties, such as paying household bills.
  • Supervising other household staff, if applicable.
  • Running errands.
  • Grocery shopping.
  • Doing laundry.

Travelling Nanny

Cost: $30-$40/hr (depending on location)

  • Hired on a short-term basis, specifically to travel or go on vacation with a family, or:
  • Hired as a traditional Nanny for a family who travels regularly.
  • Engages with and cares for the children from morning to evening.
  • Organizes personalized activities for the children, depending on the location and according to the parents’ requirements.
  • Needs to be an experienced traveller, so as to anticipate the children’s needs and plan accordingly in advance.

Newborn Care Specialist

Cost: $25-40/hr (depending on location)

  • Highly specialized and trained to focus on the care and well-being of newborn infants.
  • Generally works independently with minimal guidance from parents.
  • Helps establish good feeding and sleeping habits in newborns.
  • Familiar with behaviours, appearance, and general care of newborns.
  • Understand and recognize signs of possible food allergies, intolerances, and reflux in newborns, and know ways to help.
  • Understand the value of and can support a breastfeeding parent.
  • Have an understanding of Postpartum Mood Disorders, can recognize them, and confidently address them as they arise.

Night Nanny

Cost: $25-35/hr (depending on location)

  • Provides all aspects of infant care during the night.
  • Bottle-feeding and nursing help, as well as burping.
  • Helps with bathing the infant and changing diapers.
  • Helps establish good feeding and sleeping habits in infants.
  • Any other infant care-related duties, as needed.

Postpartum Doula

Cost: $25-40/hr (depending on location)

  • Helps provide support to the family in the first few weeks following the birth.
  • Provides education, baby care, birth parent care, and household assistance.
  • Focus is on supporting the family, not necessarily the newborn.


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