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How to Identify an Exceptional Nanny


Hiring a nanny is a big decision for any family. Beyond the basic qualifications, there are essential positive signals, or “green flags”, that we look for when identifying an exceptional nanny. 

As the founder of The Nanny Solution by Nannies on Call, I’ve interviewed thousands of nannies over the years. Here are some key “green flags” that great nannies demonstrate during interviews.

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1. Punctuality

If the nanny arrives on time, then this is a “green flag”. Whether the interview is virtual or in-person, arriving on time demonstrates that the person is organized and respects your time. 

On the other hand, being even a minute late can be a red flag. Interestingly, arriving too early, such as an hour in advance, can also be a red flag, indicating a lack of understanding of time management.

2. Positive and Upbeat Attitude

It is important for a nanny to have a positive and upbeat demeanor as it directly impacts the children they care for. During interviews, some nannies exhibit a genuine passion for childcare, which shines through their energy and enthusiasm. 

On the other hand, nannies who are flat and unresponsive may not necessarily create a happy environment for your children.

3. Detailed Responses

Detailed responses during an interview reflect a nanny’s ability to communicate effectively. When asked about their experience, great nannies provide specific examples without being prompted.

For instance, instead of just saying “yes” to having experience with children under one, they might elaborate on their roles and responsibilities, such as bottle feeding and introducing solids. This level of detail helps to show they will keep you well-informed about your child’s day.

4. Passion for Child Care

A genuine passion for childcare is essential. When asked why they love working with children, great nannies light up and share heartfelt reasons. Whether it’s the joy children bring or their innocence, passionate nannies express happiness and enthusiasm. In contrast, nannies who lack passion may give flat responses, suggesting potential burnout or a lack of genuine interest in the role.

5. Knowledge of Child Development

An in-depth understanding of child development is important for a nanny. This knowledge often emerges naturally during interviews when discussing their previous roles. Look for mentions of sensory play, gross motor skills, and other developmental activities. Nannies who incorporate these concepts into their daily routines demonstrate their awareness and ability to foster your child’s growth.

Choosing the right nanny involves more than just checking qualifications. Punctuality, a positive attitude, detailed communication, passion for childcare, and knowledge of child development are all green flags to look for. These skills ensure that the nanny you hire will positively impact your child’s life.

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