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Essential Questions to Ask During a Nanny Interview


As a nanny, preparing to interview with a family or agency is an essential part of your job search. 

The interview will help you get to know the family and see if you’re a good fit together. 

But It’s not just about the family getting to know you; it’s also important for you to understand their expectations and environment. 

To help you with this step, we’ve prepared a guide to help you prepare some questions to ask during your nanny interview.

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1. Understanding Family and Childcare Expectations


Example Question: Can you describe a typical day for your children?

This question helps you understand the family’s daily routine and your role within it. Some families might have a more structured day involving indoor activities, while others might prefer outdoor excursions. Ensure that their daily expectations align with your interests and expertise.

Example Question: What values would you like to instill in your children?

Understanding the family’s values around manners, discipline, and general behavior will help you decide if you want to work with them. This will help you determine if your approach to childcare aligns with theirs.


2. Child Development and Engagement


Example Question: Are there any specific educational goals for your children?

Find out if the family prefers a structured educational routine or a more exploratory, nature-based learning approach. This will help you tailor your activities to support their goals effectively.

Example Question: How can I best support your children’s hobbies and interests?

Understanding the children’s interests and how the family wants to nurture these will help you engage them more meaningfully.


3. Discipline and Behaviour Management


Example Question: How do you handle discipline and behavior issues?

Consistency is key in childcare. Knowing the family’s approach to discipline will help you maintain a consistent environment for the children and avoid potential conflicts.


4. Health, Safety, and Nutrition


Example Question: Do the children have any allergies or dietary restrictions?

Health and safety are paramount. This question shows that you prioritize the well-being of the children and are prepared to manage their specific needs.


5. Flexibility, Working Hours, and Expectations


Example Question: What are the expected working hours, and is there a need for occasional evening or weekend work?

Clarifying your schedule upfront ensures there are no surprises and that you can maintain a healthy work-life balance.


6. Support and Resources


Example Question: Does the family have any memberships or are they part of any clubs?

Knowing about memberships and resources available to you can help you plan engaging activities and outings for the children.


7. Contract and Employment Details


While it’s often best to leave detailed contract discussions to later stages, it’s important to know if the family is open to having a contract and what their past agreements have included.

Example Question: Are you open to having a contract, and could I see a sample?

This will ensure both parties are clear on expectations and responsibilities, preventing misunderstandings down the road.


8. Family and Nanny Relationship


Example Question: Has this family had a nanny in the past, and what was the relationship like?

Understanding the dynamic between the family and their previous nanny can provide insights into what you can expect and whether it aligns with your preferences for a professional relationship.

Asking the right questions during a nanny interview can help you learn a lot about the potential fit with a family. Be prepared with your questions written down to ensure you cover all bases and make an informed decision. Remember, a successful nanny-family relationship is built on clear communication and mutual understanding.

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