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6 Ways to Answer Salary Expectations Questions in a Nanny Job Interview


Are you a nanny preparing for a nanny job interview and wondering how to answer the dreaded salary expectations question?

You’re not alone! Many nannies struggle with this question, but with the right answers, you can negotiate the salary you deserve.

In this post, we’ll share six effective ways to answer salary expectations in job interviews, helping you secure a fair nanny salary.

1. Know Your Worth
Before the interview, research your worth in the job market. Use agency websites, Facebook groups, and Indeed to determine the average salary range for your role and location. This will give you a solid understanding of your value and help you prepare a strong answer.

Remember, knowing your worth is not just about the number; it’s about understanding the value you bring to the table. Be prepared to discuss your skills, experience, and achievements, and how they align with the family’s needs.

For more tips on this topic, check out our YouTube video: What to charge as a nanny? Get paid what you are worth!

2. Redirect the Question
If you’re not comfortable sharing your salary expectations, try redirecting the question. Ask the parents about the salary range for the role.

Redirecting the question shows that you’re interested in the position and willing to have an open conversation. It also gives you valuable information to help you negotiate your salary later on.

3. Leverage Your Skills
When discussing salary with the family, highlight your childcare skills and experience. Emphasize how your unique qualifications and approach can benefit their child’s development and well-being. Share specific examples of your achievements, such as successful potty training, implementing a daily routine, or creating engaging activities that promote learning and fun.

By showcasing your expertise and dedication to childcare, you can demonstrate your value and position yourself for a competitive wage. This will help you stand out as a strong candidate and justify your desired salary.

4. Provide a Salary Range
If the parents insist, provide a carefully researched salary range. Make sure it’s slightly higher than your target salary. Providing a range shows that you’re flexible and open to negotiation. Just be sure to do your research and make sure the range is realistic for the position.

5. Avoid Sharing Previous Salaries
Remember, don’t share your previous salaries during the interview. Focus on discussing your salary expectations based on nanny industry standards and the role’s responsibilities. Sharing previous salaries can limit your negotiation power and potentially undervalue your worth. Keep the focus on your current value.

6. Negotiate Openly
Be open and collaborative, and don’t be afraid to discuss the numbers. Negotiation is a normal part of the hiring process. Be confident and assertive, and remember that it’s okay to walk away if the offer isn’t right for you.:

Answering salary expectations in job interviews doesn’t have to be daunting. By knowing your worth, redirecting the question, leveraging your skills, providing a salary range, avoiding sharing previous salaries, and negotiating openly, you can confidently champion your worth and secure a fair compensation package.

Remember, you deserve to be paid what you’re worth, so don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself.

If you’re working with a nanny agency like The Nanny Solution, you can rely on us to handle the salary negotiations on your behalf. That’s a huge advantage of working with a nanny agency— we’ll advocate for your compensation package, ensuring you receive a fair salary for your valuable skills and experience. Good luck with your interviews!

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