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Supporting Nannies: The Vital Role of Paid Sick Days


Did you know that the healthy and well-being of nannies is directly related to the health and happiness of the families they work for?

Keep reading to learn why and how it affects your family.

The Nanny’s Role
Nannies are not just caregivers; they are educators, nurturers, and pillars of support for the families they work for. They bring a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to every family.

It is their effort and dedication that shapes the early, formative experiences of the children in their care.

The Connection Between Your Child’s and the Nanny’s Health:
In doing this important work, nannies get sick. Think about it. Working with children is a lot of work and responsibility. It’s stressful work. This daily stress contributes to nannies getting sick.

But more often than not, nannies get sick when they’re caring for sick children. This occupational hazard is a reality of being a nanny.

If your children have a cold or flu, or other contagious illnesses, and the nanny is providing care and comfort, they will inevitably get sick too.

Understanding the Nanny’s Welfare
The nanny’s health has a direct impact on their ability to provide quality childcare to your little ones.

How? When they’re sick, they can’t work. And they need to take time off to recuperate.

Having financial security, particularly during times of illness, is crucial for the nanny’s well-being and, by extension, the well-being of your children. 

The Case for Paid Sick Days:
As a professional nanny agency, we recommend that families pay nannies for 7 to 10 sick days per year. This is higher than the minimum provincial standard.

Here’s why we advocate for going beyond the minimum provincial requirements:

  • Beyond the Minimum: Each province’s laws set the basic standard, but the nature of nanny work often requires more comprehensive support.
  • Professional Respect and Well-being: Offering more than the minimum paid sick days acknowledges the professional risks nannies face in their daily work and ensures they can recover fully without financial worry.
  • Promotes Quality Care: When nannies know they are supported, they can focus on providing the highest quality childcare without the stress of losing income during illness.
  • Ethical Responsibility: As employers, it’s our moral duty to provide conditions that respect the health and safety of our nannies, especially given the inherent risks of their profession.


“Knowing I have paid sick days gives me peace of mind. It means I can take care of myself without worrying about my finances, especially after caring for my charges when they were ill.” – Emma, Calgary

“As parents, providing paid sick days to our nanny felt like the right thing to do. She’s there for our kids, and we need to be there for her, especially when she sick  because of her job.” – David, Montreal

In Summary:
At The Nanny Solution, we believe in a holistic approach to childcare, where the health and welfare of  nannies are as important as the children they care for.

To learn more about how we families and nannies, or to join our community, visit The Nanny Solution. 

Let’s work together to foster a caring, supportive environment for everyone in the child care equation.


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